Oneiric Ocelot: The New version of The Free Software Ubuntu

What makes this month of October 2011 special is the announcement of the new version of Ubuntu which is Ubuntu 11.10.

Specifically it is the day of 13th October. This is an exceptional day as it marks the steady publication of Ubuntu 11.10.
As you can see, Ubuntu has been witnessed great development. In fact, what is perfect in this software is its usual development. In each time it brings new things to facilitate and moderate it for its users .

Ubuntu always thinks of its users, that’s why there is a great work on how to be the best futuristic software .
This new version of Ubuntu 11.10, has a specific , modern name:”The Oneiric Ocelot”. This name is chosen by Mark Shutteworth
His choice of this particular name did not come in all of a sudden, but after a deep study.
He chose a name that will make Ubunutu has an eye on the future. As an open source, it should be something that will make Ubuntu having a motivated, developped and good future.
He said that :” ‘Oneiric’ means ‘dreamy’, and the combination with ‘Ocelot’ reminds of the way innovation happens: part day dream, part discipline”

So, this is an assurance to all the users and those who still not using Ubuntu to try it because it is an innovative software.
Mark Shutteworth is looking forward that Ubuntu 11.10 will remark a good future for its users.
This is crystal clear in his words; “ What we want is something imaginative, something dreamy, something sleek and neat, too. Something that has all the precision of TS Eliot’s poetry matched with the ‘effable’, ineffability’ of our shared values of friendship and expertise. Something that captures both the competence of Ubuntu-devel with the imagination of Ayatana which leads us neatly to the Oneiric Ocelot “
Ayatana means; the project that combines the work done by Canonical as far as what concerns the user’s of intreface.
We advise all the poeple to witness the steady announcement of the freshly, futuristic version of Ubuntu, the Ubuntu 11.10

Those who have no idea about Ubuntu, we ask them to try to use it and they will not regret because it is an innovative open source.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Written by 

               Chebbi Olfa